Jean-Luc Marchina, Designer HES
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Egyptian Snapshots (EyeEm) - photography, 2017
The Tomorrow's Customers - photography, 2016-17
Nowadays the food industry is so intrusive in our daily life that we have forgotten the welfare of the next generation.
Les pains - Lighting design, 2016
As real as bright, the unique lamps made with the traditional egyptian bread.
Project "Z" - Experimental design workshop, Zabbaleen's community, Manshiyat Naser, Cairo, Egypt, 2016
"I'm too facebook to concern myself with the garbage in the street" is the wrong answer.

Lighting Design
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Italian-Swiss Designer, Jean-Luc Marchina had started working in the field of performance at Vidy-Lausanne theatre in 1998. Subsequently, he has collaborated with several Art Directors such as Fabienne Berger, Anne Bisang, Krystian Lupa, Nahla Mattar and Dorian Rossel. Beside his professional experience in scenic art, he has been led amount of visual arts workshops for artists, students and deprived communities in Balkans, Egypt, Lebanon and Switzerland. He has also made several documentaries on child relief for NGOs (Terre des hommes, ARSIS, …). Jean-Luc Marchina gained a Federal Certificate of Electronic Competences and is graduated from Geneva University of Art and Design with a Postgraduate in Multimedia. He lives and works in Egypt.
"The Orient in their Arts" by Mohamed Kenani, Al Jazeera Documentary about "Umm Kulthoum Digital, Endless Umm Kulthoum"
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