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the powerful machine I've ever dreamt

Enjoy Physical Computing with LAMACKINA

As a Multimedia Designer, I like to build interactive installations by using sensors, lighting system, motors, video projections, etc… I have had many tools to build creative projects but one was missing; a “multitasking box” that’s able to connect and communicate easily with all my electronic items. I couldn’t find any relevant device on the market therefore I decided to make it! After two years of research and development, I’m delighted to introduce LAMACKINA, a “Smart Swiss Machine”.

Pragmatic Swiss Design

From an idea drew on a paper to a fully functional object, many prototypes have been made and consequently every details have been thought carefully. I wanted to build my project like the qualities of a Swiss pocket knife: versatile, efficient and attractive. I started to develop a specific hardware and, step by step, I built all the design. To achieve an accurate quality, I have used CNC, laser cutter and 3D printer. As a result, every part fits exactly at the right place like a puzzle.

All the outputs, inputs and cooling system can be managed easily by coding in Python or others languages thank to Raspberry Pi, the heart of my machine. Moreover, LAMACKINA can be also controlled by mobile devices using 3rd party applications. To sum up, this is the outcome:

powerful outputs 12 volts up to 8 amperes*

customizable inputs / outputs with buffers

analogue inputs added with 5 volts power supply

handy fuses to protect YOUR PROJECT

Left & Right: 2 x 4 powerful low voltage outputs: A,B,C,D & E,F,G,H + neutral (N)** / Center: 8 analogue inputs named from 0 until 7 & 5 volt supply protected by 1 fuse.

Left: power inputs 230 V protected by 1 fuse/ Center: 2 fuses to protect the powerful low voltage outputs / Right: 2 x 4 inputs or outputs / secure connectors.

Programmable cooling system.

About the Designer

My name is Jean-Luc Marchina. I’m Italian Swiss Designer. For many years I had the chance to study in Switzerland two main fields: Electronic and Computer Science followed by Art and Design at Geneva University of Art & Design (HEAD). All my knowledge in Sciences, Design and Visual Communication have been involved to make this project. Feel free to contact me for further information.

Tel. +2 0112 437 97 41 / info -at- lamackina -dot- com


*Programmable Outputs / Inputs:

 > 12 V / 2 A / 4 x 2 channels up to 8 A / 2 x 2 channels / switched by relays, optically isolated (24 V power supply can also be feasible instead of 12 V);

 > 8 analogue inputs up to 3,3 V / 12 bits;

 > 2 x 4 selectable inputs or outputs (Inputs connected directly to GPIO / Outputs TTL & CMOS compatible / up to 40 mA @ duty 100% / darlington transistors);

 > 1 x 5 V / 1 A;

 Dimensions: 29 x 29 x 9 cm / Weight: 2,9 Kg  / Material: wood, ABS;

 Technology: Raspberry Pi 3, compatible models A & B;

(**note: For better protection, there are 2 different neutrals, one for CPU and one for the powerful low voltage outputs).

© 2019 LAMACKINA by Jean-Luc Marchina