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Jump in Water – Enjoy the Wind

interactive installation, Egypt 2018

The guests are invited to enjoy the swimming pool. If they choose to walk around, a new sign will switch on to propose them to appreciate the wind… made by the fan!


No Exit For Heroes

interactive installation, Egypt 2018

In front of this situation, the only choice to “heroes” is to stay inside. Consequently, if the guests go out, they won’t be heroes like most of us. However, this installation tends to question of the real meaning to be an hero in our contemporary society. Unfortunately, most of unknown citizen heroes face harsh time without the freedom to exit.



































installation at “Women by the Sea Festival”, Egypt 2018

LAMACKINA, the machine create its own lighting design by switching on or off the 9 possible lamps. During the exhibition, the random lighting proposals of LAMACKINA was probably every time different. This installation questions as well the aesthetic choice of lighting design generated by a computer instead of a human.


© Jean-Luc Marchina